Erika Kafka - President

 We began our journey into the world of multiples back in 2008 with a surprise pregnancy! Our beautiful boys were born in November and our parenting journey began! Since then, we have developed priceless, life-long friendships through the LMBA and have been able to share all of the ups and downs that parenting brings with those who understand and have been there too. The LMBA continues to be a source of support for my husband and I even through the addition of two singleton sons.  I have volunteered on the Parent Outreach Committee, Sale Committee, as club Secretary and now as President for the 2013-2015 term and have truly enjoyed meeting new people and exchanging stories! I would like to welcome all new members to the club and congratulate you on the life-changing experience that it is to be a parent of multiples!

Kirsti Cheese - Secretary


Kirsti & Jason Cheese became LMBA members in 2011 after welcoming their twins. The support of this amazing network has been invaluable while navigating the sometimes tricky paths of parenting multiples, and she treasures the friendships that have been formed. Kirsti joined the Social Committee in 2012 and has enjoyed serving as Co-Chair, and as a member of the Executive


Danielle Dion - Treasurer

 Alain and I moved to London in January 2013 with our then 9 month old twins and quickly realized that we were in need of a support system...and fast! We joined the LMBA soon after our move and have never looked back. The social events are fantastic and the knowledge and support we have received from the Facebook page has certainly gotten us through some major milestones with the kids. I am excited to be a part of our wonderful executive committee and value the many friendships I have already made.


Shannon Wong - Sale Committee Co-Chair

Shannon and her husband Murray have been members of the LMBA since 2007, just before their twin boys Damian and Lucas were born. Shannon first joined the executive as the Facebook Administrator, then as the of Co Coordinator for the Social Committee and has since stepped into and is currently the Sale Committee Coordinator. She enjoys meeting and working with parents of multiples at our sales and loves to see the club growing and coming up with new and fun events for everyone.


Jennifer Mikolajczuk - Sale Committee Co-Chair

We began our journey into the world of multiples with the arrival of our twin girls in January 2014. The support and encouragement we received from fellow LMBA members was incredible. Whether it was our endless questions as nervous first time parents to round the clock support when sleep training we wouldn’t be where we are today without our new LMBA friends. As time has passed our family has built many strong friendships that we could never imagine our lives without. have recently joined the executive as a Sale Committee Co-Chair and I can’t wait to create many lasting memories with this remarkable group.


 Stacey Haggerty - Social Committee Co-Chair

I remember my husband Rod being disappointed at our first ultrasound for what turned out to be our singleton - he was really hoping for twins.  Well, he wasn't disappointed for long!  Our twincesses joined us just under 3 years later and it was about two years after that we joined the LMBA because we needed the support of people who "got it" (and additionally wouldn't criticize my coffee addiction).  I was familiar with the Club as my stepmom was a very early member and after joining, found I enjoyed it as much as she did!  We've volunteered for a number of years with Social Committee and I've been Co-Chair of Social since August of 2016. Social events are a sight to behold and not to be missed!  And don't be worried about being left alone at any of our events if you are new to the Club or if you need help - it doesn't seem to matter how many children anyone has, there are always hands willing to assist in one way or another!


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